Be it technology, research, design, or quality, Citta Surfaces has set its sight on all these factors adopting new production techniques in order to enhance the quality of its products. Due to the creativity and design ability of our team, our design comprises both innovation and exclusivity.
Super Modern Manufacturing Facilities
CITTA SURFACES INDIA LLP believes that to create quality products. One needs quality production setup. The company has brought in the best production facilities from the world with a huge capacity and state-of-the-art machinery. India's biggest production plant for 300 x 600 mm, 600 x 600 mm, 800 x 1600 mm, 1200 x 1200 mm, 1200 x 2400 mm or 800 x 2400 mm tiles.
Production Capacity for All Sizes
  • Capacity: 30000 sq. mtr. Per day.
  • Kiln: 3 No.s of Longest Kiln with length of 220 mtrs from SACMI.
  • Press: PH 5000 tons - 4 nos. from SACMI
  • Feeding system: multicharged modular.
  • Polishing line: Biggest Polishing line with 48 heads from KEDA
  • Polishing machine with Nano facility
  • TGV (TRACK GUIDED VEHICLE) Robotic equipment for automatic Polishing machine with Nano facility control of storage & movement of tiles.

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